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Why the illuminated signs

do they agree in Milan?

The answer to this question is simple ...

For shops or companies, having illuminated signs in Milan is convenient for several reasons and we list some of them below:

- Permits for the installation of illuminated signs   they are the same to be requested for any other type of sign

- The sign authorization office in Milan offers the possibility to present the trail via PEC without having to register in complex portals, also avoiding the use of regional ECE card readers.

- The cost of the tax on advertising for illuminated signs in Milan is relatively little higher than for non-illuminated signs or window stickers

- The illuminated signs in Milan of any type can always be installed inside the sixth window without having to ask for opinions other than that of the municipality of Milan itself.

These are just a few reasons that can convince you to choose a luminous sign over a non-luminous one.

We hope that the information we have given you has convinced you that if you are in Milan you have to choose the illuminated signs !!

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