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Lettering in relief Milan

INSEGNE MILANO GROUP has been producing WRITINGS IN RELIEF in Milan for many years having collaboration agreements with the most important laser and water cutting companies. The WRITINGS IN RELIEF of INSEGNE MILANO GROUP are of excellent quality and in most cases they can be installed independently by the end customer being supplied complete with biadeisvo and mounting template.

The WRITINGS IN RELIEF in Milan are very widespread among the interiors of shops, companies and the great use of 3D WRITINGS

INSEGNE MILANO GROUP, thanks to the experience of the affiliates and the research in the communication field, is able to propose a wide choice of WRITINGS IN RELIEF, divided by type of application such as:

  • Polyurethane lettering in relief

  • Lettering in relief in polystyrene

  • Coupled raised lettering

  • Lettering in relief in plexiglass

  • Embossed metal lettering

  • Embossed aluminum lettering

  • Lettering in relief in brass

  • Lettering in relief for economic fairs

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